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David Anderson, PhD

1701 Divisadero
San Francisco, CA 94115

Awards and Honors

1985   Pavlovian Society of Biological Science, University of South Florida School of Medicine, 1985
1983   NIH Research Career Development Award, University of South Florida School of Medicine, 1983-1987
1981   Charter Member, Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1981

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Recent Articles (5)

Anderson DE, McNeely JD, Windham, BG. Journal of Human Hypertension. Regular slow-breathing exercise effects on blood pressure and breathing patterns at rest. 2010; 24:807-813.

Anderson, D.E., Metzler, J.D., Fedorova, O.V., Windham, B.G. 2009, 14, 667-679 .. Psychology, Health, and Medicine,. Device-guided slow breathing effects on end tidal CO2 and heart rate variability. 2009; 14(6):667-679.

Orth-Gomer, K, Weidner, G., Anderson D.E., & Chesney, M.A. . M.H. Crawford, J.P. DiMarco, & J.P. Walters (Eds) Cardiology, 3nd Ed., London: Elsevier. 2009.

Anderson, D.E. & Chesney, M.A. . Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine. Gender differences in the role of stress and emotion in cardiovascular function and disease. 2009; 186-199.

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