Examples of Fellowship Research Projects 2012-2017


Gene-Yuan Chang, MD
Title: Molecular basis of renal insulin resistance in metabolic syndrome and diabetes

Yongen Chang, MD, PhD
Title: Characterizing the role of integrin (alphav) in TGFbeta activation and renal fibrosis

Raymond Hsu, MD
Title: Temporal trends in dialysis-requiring acute kidney injury in the U.S

Benjamin Lee, MD
Title: Determinants of recovery from acute kidney injury

Julie Ishida, MD
Title: Influence of intravenous iron on infection risk in hemodialysis patients

Vasantha Jotwani, MD
Title: Use of novel biomarkers to detect kidney injury in HIV-infected individuals

Steven Kim, MD
Title: The implantable bioartificial kidney

Elaine Ku, MD
Title: Blood pressure control during CKD and outcomes after ESRD

Anoop Sheshadri, MD
Title: Increasing physical activity in chronic dialysis patients

Vikram Suri, MD, PhD
Title: Angiotensin signaling in the kidney tubule

Nikolaos Skartsis, MD, PhD
Title: Regulatory T cell immunotherapy in transplantation