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Jun 01, 2017 Dr. Anitha Toke has become medical director of the FMC (formerly RAI) Ocean dialysis unit in San Francisco.
Jun 01, 2017 Dr. Benjamin Lee received a perfect score of 10 on his F32 grant which will start July 2017.
Jun 01, 2017 Dr. Nikolaos Skartsis was awarded an ASN Ben J. Lipps Research Fellowship for 2017-2019.
Jun 01, 2017 Dr. Thuy Nguyen was chosen by the UCSF Department of Medicine house staff as the “Clinical Fellow of the Year” for nephrology.
Jun 01, 2017 Dr. Vanessa Grubbs, released her book “Hundreds of Interlaced Fingers: A Kidney Doctor’s Search for the Perfect Match”.
Jun 01, 2017 Congratulations to Debbie Gilman, Rose Hau, Linda Liang, and Cherie Ros, who received a SPOT AWARD to recognize and reward excellence in University service, significant achievements and contributions, and/or outstanding individual and team performance.
Jun 01, 2017 At the May 2017 American Transplant Congress (ATC) in Chicago, Dr. Deborah Adey was elected to become an American Society of Transplant (AST) councilor-at-large
Jun 01, 2017 Dr. Kirsten Johansen successfully renewed her K24 DK085153 “Prevalence and Impact of Frailty among Dialysis Patients” for 5 more years.
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