Fellows' Research

Name: Brad Butcher, MD
Title: The effect of fluid balance on mortality and renal recovery in critically ill patients with acute tubular necrosis requiring renal replacement therapy

Name: Yongen Chang, MD
Title: To characterize the role of integrin (alphav) in TGFbeta activation and renal fibrosis

Name: Raymond Hsu, MD
Title: Temporal trends in severe acute kidney injury in the United States

Name: Julie Ishida, MD
Title: Influence of intravenous iron on infection risk in hemodialysis patients

Name: Sourabh Kharait, MD, PhD
Title: Circulating angiogenic cell function in end-stage renal disease

Name: Atif Kidwai, MD
Title: Effects of mTOR signaling on Polycystic Kidney Disease

Name: Steven Kim, MD
Title: The implantable bioartificial kidney

Name: Meyeon Park, MD
Title: Subclinical and clinical heart disease and the effect on kidney injury and disease progression

Name: Kajal Rao, MD
Title: Targeting CD20 in lupus nephritis