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  • ASN chose to highlight in “ASN TV” UCSF’s polycystic kidney disease (PKD) clinic headed by Meyeon Park. PKD is one of the most common diseases in humans caused by mutations in a single gene and Meyeon has done a great job getting our very well received PKD center up and running with philanthropic support.
    "ASN TV" UCSF's PKD Clinic
  • Latest U.S. News & World Report released its annual rankings of best hospitals in the United States. UCSF Medical Center is the fifth best hospital in the nation, the best hospital in California and the best hospital in the West. UCSF Nephrology ranked #4. Thus, for the fifth consecutive year, Nephrology is the top internal medicine specialty at UCSF.  Read More.  August 2018
  • Kathleen Liu, MD, PhD successfully obtained a K24 (DK113381) “Advancing Acute Kidney Injury Phenotyping Using Biological and Clinical Criteria.” She has also recently become a permanent member of NIH Pathobiology of Kidney Disease (PBKD) study section. August 2017
  • Dr. Chi-yuan Hsu has received funding from Satellite Health & NIH (R21DK114213) for a pilot blood pressure clinical trial in hemodialysis patients. August 2017
  • Dr. Raymond Hsu is PI of a new NIH grant (R03DK111881) “Clinical Outcomes After Dialysis-Requiring Acute Kidney Injury.” August 2017
  • Dr. Anitha Toke has become medical director of the FMC (formerly RAI) Ocean dialysis unit in San Francisco. June 2017


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