Research Tracks

We offer a Transplant Nephrology Fellowship Program, a nephrology/transplant nephrology pathway, and combined adult/pediatric nephrology fellowship training. The training program has the following three tracks:

Common Features of Clinical and Basic Science Research Tracks

The UCSF fellowship program is unique in the breadth of opportunities available for fellows. Although we guarantee the salary support for our research fellows, our trainees have been very successful in obtaining individual extramural funding from outsides sources such as the NIH, American Kidney Fund (AKF), the American Society of Nephrology, the American Heart Association (AHA) and others.

Our track record in successful extramural funding in the transition from fellow to faculty is unsurpassed. Since 2005, 26 of the UCSF ACGME renal fellowship graduates have
successfully obtained 36 career development awards.

36 Career Development Awards

5 K08: Vivek Bhalla, 2005; Alan Pao, 2006; Denise Marciano, 2008; Denis Glenn, 2009; Steven Kim, 2016 (declined);
14 K23: Andy Choi, 2008; Carmen Peralta, 2009; Nisha Bansal, 2010; Yoshio Hall, 2010 [at UW]; James Wetmore, 2010 [at Kansas]; Ruth Dubin, 2012; Cynthia Delgado, 2012 (declined for VA DCA); Vanessa Grubbs, 2012; Delphine Tuot, 2012; Meyeon Park, 2013; Raymond Hsu, 2013; Julie Ishida, 2015; Elaine Ku, 2016; Vasantha Jotwani, 2016;
2 Beeson Career Development Awards: Ann O'Hare, 2006; Manjula Kurella Tamura, 2007;
9 K12/KL2: Kathleen Liu, 2005; Afshin Parsa, 2006 [at Univ of Maryland]; Harini Chakkera, 2008 [at Mayo]; Carmen Peralta, 2008; Nisha Bansal, 2010 (declined for K23); Delphine Tuot, 2011; Raymond Hsu, 2013; Elaine Ku, 2015; Vasantha Jotwani, 2016;
1 AHA Fellow to Faculty Award: Joachim Ix, 2005;
2 VA Career Development Awards: Adriana Hung, 2009 [at Vanderbilt]; Cynthia Delgado, 2012;
2 Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program Awards: Carmen Peralta, 2011; Vanessa Grubbs, 2012;
1 Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Development Award: Meyeon Park, 2015.

Within this same time span, 13 of the 26 have progressed to become principal investigators of VA Merit Review (Dr. Hung) or R01-level grants (Drs. Bhalla, Ix, Liu, Marciano, O’Hare, Peralta, Tamura, Bansal, Tuot, Pao, Dubin, Park) and an 14th fellow become principal investigator of a PCORI award (Dr. Mitch Lunn).

Each research fellow will have a research committee of at least three faculty members. The research committee will meet regularly to review the trainee's research progress and direction and plans for publications and grant submissions. The Renal Research Conference provides a forum for clinical research and basic science fellows to present and discuss research methods, results, and conclusions. All research fellows will receive didactic instruction in writing grants and papers. This instruction in scientific writing includes a 15-part series of interactive seminars on building blocks of writing, structure of the parts of a research paper, and the writing and publishing processes. Each fellow's research mentor will provide guidance regarding research progress, career development, grant submissions, and manuscript preparation.